Thursday, October 9, 2008

Now I've Done It!

I've finally created my own blog. I don't know that I have that much to blog about, but I wanted somewhere to share the things I love the most: mystery novels, counted cross stitch, and poodles.

The big thing on my mind right now is cross stitch. More particularly, a piece that is kicking my behind right now: Flower Power by Crossed Wing Collection. I've been working on it for about six weeks, and I felt like I was making pretty good progress. I've finished the coneflowers, even though I miscounted on one and had to make some adjustments to the pattern as I went along. I'm almost through with the leaves and stems that go with the coneflowers.

Then I started the first butterfly. Instead of stitching over 2, I'm doing it over 1. Let me tell you, my eyes are too old for over 1, even with magnifying glasses. I'm about two-thirds of the way through with it, and I'm not super pleased with it. Up close, I think it looks kind of lumpy; from a distance, it seems to be okay, though.

When I finish the butterfly, I'll post a new picture of it, but for now, here's the last picture I took of my progress.

It's easy to tell I'm new at the blogging thing. I'm not sure about how the picture is going to turn out! Oh, well.

Back to the butterfly!


Debbie said...

Blogging can be just about as addictive as cross stitch, have fun. Love the flowers.

Eva said...

Love your Flower Power! I have this one all kitted up but still need to decide on fabric before I can start.....

gwyneth said...

A friend of mine persuaded me to do this piece, and I'm glad I listened to her. I ordered the custom-dyed fabric from Crossed Wings. It was pricey, but I like the look I'm getting with it. Jump in there, Eva. It's really been a fun stitch so far. Well, except for that butterfly . . . but it's finished now!