Thursday, October 23, 2008

Almost Friday!

Another week is almost over--thank goodness! I remember as a child thinking that each week seemed interminable. Now, as a middle-aged adult, it seems like Monday morning starts a roller coaster ride.

Still working through things I've finished and looking at them, and I thought I'd post a few more. As usual, I'm not sure who the designer is for the piece; it's probably Heart in Hand or Bent Creek, but I wouldn't want to swear to that. I probably also originally stitched this for my sister. She's got two yellow cats--One Ton and Two Tone. The cat on this piece reminds me of Two. The girls got those rather bizarre names as kittens. My brother-in-law found one kitten in the yard and brought it in to my sister. While she was getting things ready for a teeny kitten (had her eyes open, but wasn't really ready to be away from her mother), he appeared with another one and said, "Well, here's number two." For some reason, One and Two stuck as their names, and as they grew older (and One got chubbier), they became One Ton and Two Tone (she's yellow and white).

This one is a Bent Creek design that will one day be framed and hang in my office at school. I like the school books and the cat sitting on them, but I'm still a little creeped out by the glasses that make the cat look like an owl. I guess I'll get used to it! It was a fun and easy stitch, as I recall. I think I stitch more for the therapeautic value than for anything else these days. My job seems to be becoming more and more high stress, so when I come home in the evening, I want to sit down and unwind. For some reason, counting squares and making stitches makes me happy.


Suzanne said...

I hear ya about the stress...unfortunately it is only making me mess up everything I touch! LOL I love the little cat on the books...can you give me anymore info on the pattern? The other one is cute too...I have that one in my stash somewhere too. Suzanne

gwyneth said...

The educated cat is a Bent Creek pattern. It says it's from the Miniature Collection, and it's called EduCATed. If you want, I'd be happy to send the pattern on to you.

Suzanne said...

Oh wow, thank you Gwyneth! I would really like that. Please email me and I will send you my address...Suzanne