Saturday, October 11, 2008

What to do on a Saturday Afternoon?

I've been sitting around the house all day today, telling myself that I should either stitch or do housework. So far all I've done is watch reruns of The Rachel Zoe Project. I think I'm about to get motivated enough to start stitching.

I thought that I'd post some pictures of other cross stitch projects I've completed. This dragon was done for my nephew, but it's never been framed. When I took it to the framer's for an estimate, I nearly fainted. So, it's still sitting in my pile of finished projects until I feel flush enough to get it framed properly. I wish I could remember the designer for it; I know it's not the Theresa Wentzler dragon. I bought that design, looked at the pattern and floss list, and said, "No way!" This dragon took me long enough to complete. I'd be working on the TW design until I died!

The cats and dogs design is one I stitched while my mother was having chemotherapy and radiation treatments for lung cancer. The waiting area had a whole wall of windows, and I could stitch a little bit every day while she had radiation treatment. On the days she had chemo, I got to put in quite some time stitching. It wasn't the most pleasant of places to stitch, but it helped me pass the time. Mom recovered from lung cancer, and lived for a couple more years before other issues caught up to her. Every time I look at this piece, though, I remember the comments I got from others in the waiting area, particularly an elderly male patient. He would come check my progress every day and tell me that I needed to stitch faster. He wanted to make sure I finished it before he finished treatment so he could see what it looked like. The piece is stitched on a piece of 10 count material with Caron Wildflowers (or maybe it's the other thicker thread). Some day I will have this finished into a pillow. For now, it's safely tucked away.

The reason much of my "stuff" is tucked away is because of my four-legged children. I have four standard poodles and one cat, and they are rough on everything! They don't always intend to be, but I really wouldn't want them to have much contact with this piece once it's made into a pillow. And, since the house is maintained for their comfort, I'm sure that one or the other of them would want to put his/her head on it. My oldest guy, Spenser, is in the picture on the right. He's 12 years old, and he is the absolute apple of my eye. Maybe someday I'll blog a little bit about his show career.


tkdquintmom said...

I love that 'raining cats and dogs'..who is the designer on that one? I've not seen it before...your blog is looking great, keep it up!

gwyneth said...

Thanks for the compliment! I'm having fun with the blog so far. The "Raining Cats and Dogs" is by SamSarah. I can't find my chart anymore--goodness knows where I stashed it when I finished it! It was a fun stitch, though.

Tobie said...

Nice projects! I hope you can bring them out of safe keeping for display soon. I know what you mean about framing! The cats & dogs piece is really cute, I've never seen that before. That's a cute story about the man who wanted you to stitch faster so he could see it finished. :-)

Suzanne said...

I was going to ask about the cats and dogs piece too!

I know what you mean about stitching things while a loved one is ill. When my mother was dying of lung cancer, I worked as hard as I could to get a mother's sampler finished for her. It was done and framed the month before she died. Her caregiver said that she would go in the room and just stare at it. Lots of memories attached to that piece now.